LadyCracy Community aims to rise the number of women in global decision making. LadyCracy Art project – 195 graphic vaginas powered by worldwide flags clitoris – has been created in order to trigger a real change in our society and empower women all around the world.

Flags represent Unity, Belonging, Equality !

To face the tremendous challenges of humanity, women MUST be part of global decision making. Its more than urgent. Time is over. 

Every person around the world is welcome to join the Community ; stronger together ! Send us a nice email at

By swiss digital artist « Av » (@Av______Art)

2022 Women World Facts out of 195 Countries

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Female Genital Mutilation countries
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  • FGM countries (33)
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  • Prime Minister (16)
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Countries with +50% Women in Parliament
Women in Parliament
  • + 50% (6)